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Black Lives Matter: Past, Present, Future


Black History did NOT begin in America; but rather, in the rich, nurturing, fertile soils of The Mother Land: Africa! Kings, Queens, Doctors, Architects, Musicians, Inventors, Artisits, Warriors, Navigators, Agriculturalists, Healers, Leaders, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, and everything in between... from the past to the future, Black Lives have always been and will remain important! 


This shirt is ONLY available in the color Black with Gold or Silver Foil vinyl.


Long Sleeves and Sweatshirts also available (prices listed)


Sizes S-4XL (PLEASE NOTE: Sizes 2XL and above are subject to availability and will also incur an additional $2.50 per shirt).



Black Lives Matter: Past, Present, Future

  • Each item is hand-crafted to order, unless otherwise stated. For this reason, please allow 3-5 business days, from the date of your payment, for processing time. Please be advised that this is processing time only, and does not include shipping time (see SHIPPING section for more information). Any custom order is completely non-refundable, as the nature of personal customization will not afford me the ability to re-sell the item. There are NO Exchanges/Returns/Refunds, unless there is a manufacturing defect, and is still subject to the discretion of the Store Owner. 


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